Hal Weeks:

Autoharp : Skype Lessons and YouTube's "Stalking the Wild Autoharp"

Because of my experience, 30 years of working on Autoharps specifically, I can offer better services than a local guy down at the music shop who knows guitars but not autoharps.

Ten years ago, I was offering regular repair and upgrade services to clients all over the country; folks would send me their harps to refelt, restring, convert to Prizim or Diatonic.   Unfortunately, I had tools and supplies and inventory stolen not once but twice, so I decided not to go back into that area of business on the same large scale.

I know however that some people prefer a local technician,  which is why I still offer these services TO LOCAL CUSTOMERS only....(Meaning the Colorado front range....Denver Metro, Boulder)  and anyone else willing to personally deliver their harp to me, and pick it up upon completion.  I no longer carry "inventory" which means if you want a string change, you or I will have to order the strings before I can do the work.   It's the same with felts. 

Prices will depend on the job at hand and the current price of parts.  You'll save a lot of money on shipping,--indeed, in the past 10 years, shipping has skyrocketed-- over mailing your 'harp off to one of the national technicians....but because I no longer stock scads of strings and felts, at wholesale prices they will be priced retail when we order them.   So basically you'll be paying for the parts and labor, no shipping.

Contact me and we'll talk about your project and get something set up.