Hal Weeks:

Autoharp, Native American Flute: Skype Lessons, Performance, Recordings

"A year ago, at age 64, my daughter-in-law gave me my autoharp. It had been collecting dust in her attic. I've put in countless hours acquiring the body memory to be able to close my eyes, put my ear near the strings and play this beautiful instrument. I'm a full-time RVer and this is the perfect portable instrument for around the campfire." --C.B.M.



I will be appearing at Swallow Hill Music's "Best Of Open Stage" on April 20, 2018.  This is a somewhat longer set (20 min) where certain excellent performers (*ahem*) from open mic night get to strut their stuff! 


I will be performing and teaching 4 workshops at NWAG in July, 2018. http://www.nwautoharp.org/



Some of the Places Hal has appeared:

Boulder Creek Fest, Boulder Colorado

Cherry Creek Arts Fest, Denver Colorado

California Autoharp Gathering (Fresno Folklore Society), Fresno, California

Arizona Autoharp Fiesta, Phoenix Arizona

Denver Children's Museum, Denver, Colorado

Hundreds of Schools and Libraries throughout Colorado

City of Denver Concerts in the Park Series, Denver, Colorado

Central Library, Boulder Public Library

Boulder County Public Access Television


"I have arthritis and the joints in my hands are quite damaged. Autoharp allowed me to play music again, without having to rely on others to accompany me. As a singer this has been very freeing. And now I can be part of the band instead of all alone up front." --L.H.D.