Hal Weeks:

Autoharp, Native American Flute: Skype Lessons, Performance, Recordings

All around this site, you will find scattered people's plaudits, not about me, but about the Autoharp...a simple little instrument that transforms lives!  I think acoustic music is especially important for the well being of the modern world, and many many would agree!  For quotes that are actually about ME, you can scroll down this page to the bottom!



I've worn numerous musical hats over the years: classical composition, electronic theater music, children's performances, music theory workshops, Autoharp and Native Flute lessons, programs in libraries, senior centers, YMCA's, summer samps, Concerts in the Park, festivals, fairs, weddings, luncheons, receptions, coffeeshops, television and radio. In 1996 I took the award of National Autoharp Champion in Avoca, Iowa. In recent years I've pretty much settled into working with Autoharp and Native Flute, both as a performance/recording medium, and in teaching lessons. I have been playing Autoharp since 1987, Native Flute since 1991. I also play world percussion, piano and keys.

A link to my Youtube, which has plenty of examples of my Autoharp and Flute playing.

Some of the Places Hal Weeks has appeared:

Boulder Creek Fest, Boulder Colorado

Cherry Creek Arts Fest, Denver Colorado

California Autoharp Gathering (Fresno Folklore Society), Fresno, California

Arizona Autoharp Fiesta, Phoenix Arizona

Denver Children's Museum, Denver, Colorado

Hundreds of Schools and Libraries throughout Colorado

City of Denver Concerts in the Park Series, Denver, Colorado


"It is great to see Hal Weeks back, and with ideas as fresh as ever. Hal has always brought the autoharp into new territory, and he is now following up on what he started several years ago with the Prizim. Be prepared to hear and see a whole new perspective on what the autoharp can do!" --Pete Daigle, Luthier; Editor, Autoharp Quarterly.

"Hal's fingers are hard workers!" --The Japan Autoharp Society

"Hal Weeks won the title of 1996 National Autoharp Champion...that in itself ought to serve as an indication of the depth of his talent and ability....Hal's award at Avoca was no fluke...I, for one, look forward to hearing more from Hal Weeks ” Eileen Roys, Editor: Autoharp Clearinghouse Magazine

"Here's my advice to anyone thinking of using Hal Weeks' services as a musician: DO IT!" L.V, St John's Lutheran Church, Denver CO

"...the Pied Piper of the Autoharp..." D.L., Director, Alaya School, Boulder CO

"Hal returns for his fourth season with the California autoharp gathering...he brings his enthusiasm and goodwill to both the adults and youth participants. We look forward to seeing the “Pied Piper” again! --Mike Mueller, Director, California Autoharp Gathering