Hal Weeks:

Autoharp, Native American Flute: Skype Lessons, Performance, Recordings



"Through my Autoharp I found a big piece of my life that I didn't know existed. I have received a gift beyond price, almost free." --W.D.

Information about Online Lessons for Autoharp or Native Flute

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Your free consult is a "get to know me" session, where I get to know you too.  I can help you get going on Skype/Hangouts if need be, and we can check our connection to make sure it's working well for lessons.  From there, I'd like to learn about what equipment you have and don't have, and what previous music experience you have/don't have.  From that point, we'll discuss schedule and come up with times for lessons that work best for both our schedules!  Pricing is below, but try it all out with a free consult!   Book now! 

All my lessons are currently done online via Skype,  or Gmail "hangouts". Online lessons work great, and are a perfect option for folks who can't get to a teacher.  

I have been teaching Prizim, Autoharp and Native American Flute to students of all ages for over 20 years. I have a very casual, relaxed approach to both instruments. My lessons are appropriate for beginner intermediate and advanced players. 

For the Autoharp, I teach Chromatic, Diatonic, and Prizim styles; whatever you want to learn, I meet you at that level. In addition to learning correct left and right hand techniques, you will also learn correct tuning, restringing and refelting.  Typically,  lessons are reserved on a weekly basis. 

With Native Flute, I focus not only on techniques like breath control and and fingering, but also on evocative methods of drawing the most out of your improvisations.

While I believe strongly in the advantages of reading music and understanding music theory, neither are required, and I work from a philosophy of teaching you to hear things "by ear" and train your ability to find your way without being "chained" to the page.

Ready to book lessons? Use my contact form.  


"The autoharp is my meditation. It brings me peace." --R.S.


I sell lessons in 4 packs and singles, both are available in 30 minute and one hour increments.   Here's the breakdown:  

4 pack of 30 minute lessons: $100 ($25 each)

4 pack of 60 minute lessons: $140 ($35 each) THIS IS YOUR BEST VALUE

Typically, these 4 packs are weekly lessons, but some people spread them out. (That's fine, but it's harder to hold a 'same time every time' slot for you.)

Single lessons: $35 for 30 minutes, $50 for one hour(singles are paid and booked one at a time.)

If you continue to renew your weekly lessons, you will always stay at the pricing you initially started at, I don't want to raise prices on you.   



If you take a break between lesson 'packs',  and come back within 90 days, you'll STILL be at that original rate. If you come back after 90 days, you'll come back at whatever rate is current.

If you take a break or vacation in the middle of a lesson 'pack', you can, of course come back within 90 days and complete them at the same price....but after 2 weeks, I can't hold your time slot anymore....others are waiting!  (This is the cost of being popular, I guess....) If you have any questions about leave taking, don't hesitate to ask...everyone needs a break!

Ready to book lessons? Use my contact form.


 "(Autoharp) SOOTHES MY SOUL! It's the perfect instrument for me. It's as simple or as complex to play as one chooses to make it. It is a ongoing and continuing learning journey and experience. AND the bonus is you meet some really talented wonderful folks and characters." --R.R.