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HOW TO ORDER CD'S (Use Bandcamp for Digital Downloads)

Each CD is $15, plus shipping. If you buy several, (3 or more) I can offer a substantial discount.

About Shipping:

I have not liked the way "services" like CDBaby, Bandcamp, and Amazon calculate shipping on my orders: they go "by the unit"...basically tripling the price when you order 3 CD's!  I prefer to calculate it myself based on your order and where you are.  

In the U.S., I can ship First Class, or Priority. (With Priority mail, we get a tracking number).

For international, I prefer Priority Mail, because I can ship SEVERAL CD's FOR THE SAME PRICE, you get a much lower shipping rate.  Also, when I ship Priority, I don't have to go to the Post Office and do Customs Paperwork!


We handle it all through my Contact page....simply contact me; tell me what CD or CD's you want, and how many of each, and I will calculate the best shipping rates available at the time, and get back to you with some shipping options.

If you agree, I'll send you a Paypal request for payment, and then pack and ship your titles.   Yes there are a couple extra steps in this process, but we're all adults here!

No shopping cart means big savings on CD's and shipping for you, and more pocket change for me! (With a Shopping Cart, someone else is taking a cut.)


Contact me here to start the ball rolling!